SkinBeautiful Testimonials


You provide people with a secret confidence, and help so many to find a self-esteem they maybe never had, or at least lost along the way.

You have changed so many lives by helping us to keep our youthful glow and you do it with such poise and grace, and your skill, knowledge & expertise is like no other.

7 years coming to SkinBeautiful and I am forever grateful to have you be the one to help me achieve my goals in a natural looking way.

I found trust in you I never knew I could find in anyone and I am thankful beyond words that you’ve set me up, and continue to help me age as gracefully beautiful as I can.

Thank you for all these years and cheers to new experiences, and many more years to come!

Thank you for all you do, truly!


I think I’m a skin care aficionado or junky if you prefer. If you need names of ‘fancy’ brands I’ve used, I am happy to provide…Sisley, La Prarie (the most super expensive ones), plus the more common ones, Lancome, Estee Lauder, then Canadian lines such as Vivier Skin…need I go on! Honestly, I have tried many very, very expensive, exclusive lines in the past and Environ is the best yet. If you need a customer to vouch for this line, I am happy to do so…just don’t have beforehand/after pics…probably because I was skeptical until I saw results and now it’s too late I suppose. I want to tell you that I’ve really noticed a big difference in the lines around my eyes since I have started using Environ C-Quence Eye Gel, so thanks for recommending that product. Plus, I love the simplicity and efficacy of the entire line…my routine is now very short! I look forward to trying the Revival Mask when I place my next order.”

Sandra Environ is the best yet!! (SKIN CARE)

After receiving Laser Hair Removal on my face, I was anxious to have the brown spots removed. The hair at least I could shave but the spots were there to stay. I have had these spots for the past 10 years and have tried many ways of dealing with them but have never had any good results. After the first procedure, the spots faded. My face looked ragged and old before. The spots are disappearing and I will allow my picture to be taken (especially at my son’s wedding recently). I definitely look younger and fresher. The emotional well being from this, far surpasses the physical. I understand the sun’s rays are strong and I will need sun screen on for the rest of my life but I should have been doing this before and would not have had this problem. As i get older and wiser, I am thankful to have this opportunity for a second chance to take care of my skin.

Thank you so much Diane for this opportunity, you have changed my life!“


I had always wanted to have hair removal done especially on my face. The one noticeable trait that I have from my dad is his sideburns. So I decided to try laser hair removal. I first went to a Day spa that offered treatments. Having complete confidence in the technician (I had known her for years) we began treatments. These treatments were not cheap by any means. As soon as we began I thought that my face was on fire but was told that this was to be expected. I went home in pain and woke up the next day with puss and scabs on my face that took weeks to heal. I was not happy. Needless to say I was not that interested in doing this again. However, I still hated shaving so I started to do some research on alternative clinics. I found the website for the Antiaging clinic in Madoc. I saw that the Madoc clinic had just purchased the latest in laser equipment and was run by an RN and a Doctor who performed these procedures. I went in for the consultation and was ensured that I would not have the same experience. Diane, you and your staff made me feel so comfortable with your patience and knowledge. I am excited to say that my face, as well as my legs, bikini area and under arms are hair and razor free. Why stop at the face the rest of your body is just as important.“


A very special thanks for the care and attention given to me at SkinBeautiful. From the moment that I walked into your reception area I felt very confident that I had chosen the right place for my skin care needs. Your knowledge and professionalism impressed me very much. My skin looks amazing and I am following all the suggestions you gave me.

I am looking forward to my next visit. Once again it was a pleasure as well as a learning experience for me, you really know what you are talking about and I have told my friends about your knowledge and expertise in the skincare field, and I know they will be contacting you – especially after seeing the fabulous results that have been achieved by using your products and following your advice and careful instructions.“

Regards, Dolores C. (SKIN CARE)

Being part of the Baby Boomer generation I have always aspired to optimal skin and body health. Vitamins have always been part of my regime even before they were popular. As I am now retired from corporate life and am a Consultant in south eastern Ontario, my face is the first thing my clients see. I was told about the wonderful SkinBeautiful clinic by one of their clients whose skin was truly amazing for her age. She highly recommended SkinBeautiful and seeing was believing. To find a clinic of this high caliber in Belleville is a dream come true.

I found that the various cosmetic therapies and treatments complement my own skin regime and even enhance the look of my face. As a former sun lover I had paid the price and developed brown spots and noticeable blood vessels on my face. Intense Pulse Light helped reduce them along with cosmeceuticals and regular skin rejuvenation. Another treatment involved facial hair removal which can be frustrating after menopause. Collagen and facial plumping have also helped the look of my facial skin.

People have commented on how much younger and healthier I look due to the fact my lines and wrinkles have softened and even disappeared and my skin looks so healthy even without makeup. People have guessed my age at least ten years younger than actual. There is a distinct difference in the quality of the therapies, the qualifications and personal service of the staff. The pampering is awesome and wonderful and makes you feel like a million! You owe it to yourself to seek out their services.“


I was very nervous to be looking for laser hair treatment in Belleville as a transgender woman, but I’m so happy that I settled on SkinBeautiful. Joanne created such an inclusive, non-judgemental environment that I felt completely comfortable and I am so excited to be coming back to continue my sessions!

Jay (Laser Hair Removal)

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. Since then I have been unable to take hormones and my options to treat menopausal symptoms have been limited to over the counter remedies. The non-prescription therapies recommended by my oncologist and gynecologist did not address the problem of vaginal dryness and sensitivity. ThermiVa treatment helped me in improving vaginal sensation, health and dryness.

D (ThermiVa)

Hi Joanne,

After a meeting with a friend last week and how effusive she was about how great my skin looked, I realized it must be the addition of the Environ Mask to my Environ AVST routine that made the difference. Everything she commented on, such as: more radiant, smoother and more revitalized; are the benefits of the masque which you recommended I incorporate into my regime.

I use the step-up routine which I found on the internet, followed it and I guess it produced results.

What I like about this product apart from the results, is that the masque lasts a long time (6 months) because it spreads very easily and you only use a thin application.

Regards, A Fan! (Environ)

My name is Suzie and I’m a 48 year old woman with over active glands under my arms. I have been living with this condition for as long as I can remember. I thought my teenage years were challenging until I started to work in the public eye. Every single day of my life began this way. What am I going to wear? Very limited to black or white, the thought of wearing colors was unthinkable. I had a collection of 30 different underarm deodorants, not sure why, none of them worked. Never had a chance to finish getting dressed before I started to put tissue paper under my arms. The 30 minute drive to work was kind of refreshing, keeping my arms up and aiming the fan full blast trying to stay dry. Once at the office I kept my arms to my side, elbow anchored at my waist. A trip to the ladies room was necessary on the hour to replace the tissue paper and try to squeeze a few seconds under the hand dryer without being seen.

About 2 years ago, while waiting at the doctor’s office I noticed a brochure with a baby blue t-shirt on it. First thought that came to mind, I wish I could wear something like this. The brochure was about Hyperhydrosis, needless to say I had all the symptoms and the brochure was telling me it was treatable with Botox. I had heard about Botox but did not know much about it.
I was curious and I started to do some research on line. I found a Clinic called Skin Beautiful. I did not call, I simply drove over. I needed to know if what I had read could be true. A few days later, I was evaluated by Dr Arun Dosaj and he confirmed my diagnosis. I could be treated with Botox injections lasting 3-6 months or longer, everybody’s different. I was stunned…

Two weeks later I found myself back at the clinic on a Wednesday afternoon for my first treatment. Not sure what to expect, I was apprehensive and very skeptical. All went well, not to say that I enjoyed it but the injections were tolerable. I noticed a small change by Friday but Saturday, all day I kept looking and dabbing my armpit with tissue paper…repeating to myself “are you kidding me”. I was dry for the first time and stayed dry for nine months.

This treatment gave me my life back and opened a new world to me. The following Monday, back at the office one of my co-workers said to me, you look different, what did you do? I smiled, I was wearing “color”. I treated myself to the prettiest baby blue t-shirt.“

HANDS UP! 🙂 Hyperhidrosis (BOTOX)

When I was given the opportunity to have this procedure, in all honesty, I was sceptical of the results. I have been shaving my facial hair since I was 13 – I am now 56 which means for 43 years. For the past 10 years, I would have to shave twice because by 5 in the afternoon I would have what men call the 5 o’clock shadow. About 6 months ago, my grand-daughter was snuggling with me before supper and commented that I needed to shave – out of the mouths of babes! From the first treatment I saw a difference! Only someone who has had this problem will understand how incredible the results are. I do not need to shave anymore. I can look at myself in the mirror and like who is looking back. I feel younger, my face is smoother and the results have affected not just my physical appearance but my overall emotional well being as well. I am overwhelmed with the difference. Even my grand-daughter, a month ago noticed and commented on how smooth my face was. I would recommend this procedure to everyone with this problem.“


After much consideration I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Dosaj.

My objective on arrival at the clinic was to look rested. I have always tried to take good care of my skin, but during certain stages in life one begins to look weary. After consultation and through explanation it was my decision to have done what I wanted.

Since my treatment I feel good about my appearance and have had many compliments on how clear and even my complexion is. I now feel I look possibly the best I can and this makes me feel different about a lot of things in my life.“


When I turned 45, I started to notice things about my face that I didn’t like. Now, at 52, I’m happy with what I see in the mirror.SkinBeautiful Laser Clinic helped me rejuvenate my skin to a younger look and healthier complexion, as well as reduce my chin jowls and eliminate the wrinkles that bothered me.

After my first consultation, Diane and The Doctor suggested I start using the Environ skin care system to improve the condition of my skin. They also showed me several ways to eliminate my frown lines and wrinkles as well as lift the jowls in my chin, with Botox and Restylane.

These simple, subtle and non-invasive treatments, made my skin look more radiant rather than thin and tired as is was before.

Best of all, no one noticed that I had anything done, but just thought that I looked better. I am really happy these treatments are available and that I can keep looking my best, and feeling fabulous when I look in the mirror.“


What are you waiting for? Book your appointment here NOW! Walking into the clinic you will be greeted with only smiling faces and a growing abundance of innovative and top of the line services! 🙂 Diane has decades of experience and continues to offer care and knowledge with all of her services offered. Such a comfortable and safe space for all of your medical esthetics needs!

Teri (General)

I am delighted with the results of my treatments at Skin Beautiful! The clinic is relaxing and attractive, and the equipment is up to date. The Team was very helpful in finding the best products for my skin, and outlining what options are available. Diane’s artistry is quite evident in helping me achieve the subtle effects I was hoping for, and I feel prettier and younger when my skin looks healthy, smooth and soft. I am looking forward to investigating some of the other esthetic treatments offered at Skin Beautiful!“

Dr. Sue Dullege (Products and Services)

After receiving both the Sculptra , to restore my lost volume, and having the Fractional Laser treatment done to repair and rejuvenate my skin, I can now say my skin looks healthier and more refreshed than it ever has! It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. My face has more volume, giving me a more youthful look. The texture and tone are more even and clear, the sun damaged spots have disappeared the lines around my eyes are gone, and I look more awake and healthy! It truly is a liquid face lift in a bottle.

I would encourage and recommend anyone who is struggling with lost volume, or suffering with tired blotchy uneven skin tone and texture, to at least look into the treatments that SkinBeautiful has to offer.

We all spend millions on chasing down the right face cream, hoping for a miracle in a jar, going back and spending more and more and never really seeing any significant results. I thought that I would just have to live with my skin this way, looking tired and worn out and that there was no hope. SkinBeautiful changed that! After you visit Dr. Dosaj and the team at SB, as I did, and they explain your options with care and knowledgeable expertise, you will never look back again.

I wish I had done this years ago. My skin looks amazing. I no longer feel I need to wear makeup to feel confident leaving the house! I continually receive compliments everyday on how smooth and clear my skin looks. I no longer look tired, worn out, or unwell. People ask me all the time, “what did you do, you look great”. The best compliment came from an old friend who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years, he said to me, “How come you missed the aging train!? You look exactly like I remembered you 10 years ago!”

If you only do one thing for yourself, then you owe it to yourself to have a skin consultation with the Doctor, you will never regret it.

Would I do this again? You betcha!

I owe a huge THANK YOU to Dr Dosaj and Diane, and the staff at SB! Together they are making the women of Belleville beautiful, one face at a time!“


When I moved to Belleville from Toronto I noticed the advertising for SkinBeautiful and started treatment for Rosacea. My skin was prone to adult acne. I thought it was due to menopause but in fact it was because of the Rosacea. My skin was very ruddy. For two years Diane has been treating me and I really notice a difference in my skin. No more redness, no broken capillaries, and no more acne!

I’m thrilled and it is getting even better over time. I certainly can recommend the clinic. So you can say Chef Janet of The Satisfied Soul is very Satisfied!“

Anonymous (ROSACEA/ACNE)

I have been a client at SkinBeautiful Laser Clinic since the fall of 2007. The attentive and competent service, the availability of cutting-edge procedures in Belleville and the beautiful and friendly atmosphere of the clinic make me a satisfied, happy and repeat client.

The staff, led by Diane Dosaj with medical expertise provided by Dr. Arun Dosaj, are knowledgeable in the field of skin enhancement procedures and skin care. They provide advice based on current research tailored to my individual needs. I trust them to take expert care of my face. I am a devotee of Botox which I get every 3 months to soften the lines around my eyes. This is truly an amazing procedure and one which provides immediate results.

One recent weekend, a friend remarked on how fresh my face looked. I didn’t tell her that I had received a Botox treatment the evening before. Juvederm is an injectable filler I use from time to time to fill the lines around my mouth. Again, the results are instant and well worth the investment. I am also a fan of the Environ skin care line available in the clinic. The moisturizing face gel which I use at night is a miracle worker. I highly recommend the services, products and procedures available at SkinBeautiful Clinic if a more youthful look is what you are seeking.“


Best of all, no one noticed that I had anything done, but just thought that I looked better.“


The pampering is awesome and wonderful and makes you feel like a million! You owe it to yourself to seek out their services.“

Barbara (GENERAL)

From the moment that I walked into your reception area I felt very confident that I had chosen the right place for my skin care needs.“

Dolores (GENERAL)

You gave me the opportunity to see this whole way of treatment in a new perspective and empowered me to realize I am worth it and my feelings were not vain but rather me just wanting to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside which is beautiful and youthful.“