What is the Pearl procedure?

The Pearl treatment combines the impact of re-surfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to treat aging and sun-damaged skin. Pearl reduces wrinkles, uneven texture and solar damage with fewer treatments and less overall recovery than other technologies to provide a healthy pearl-like glow.

How Does the Pearl treatment work?

During the procedure, the top layer of skin is treated with pulses of light in a pre-selected pattern. The laser simultaneously sends heat to the deeper layers of skin to provide longer-term benefits. A natural protective dressing forms on the skin to minimize downtime during the restorative process. On day 3 or 4, this natural dressing will peel or slough off, revealing new, healthy, vibrant skin underneath.

In a short time, patients will notice overall skin clarity, smoothness and softness. With prep, treatment and post treatment application, treatment is about 90 mins. with only 4-5 days of social downtime.

What is “social” downtime?

Downtime is the time spent recovering from a procedure. With “social” downtime, you can continue your normal daily activities . However, you may not wish to attend important social events because your face will appear pink/red for 4-5 days.

When will I see results? How soon can I wear make-up after a Pearl treatment?

Results are noticeable by day 3 or 4 when the superficial tissue has peeled off, revealing fresh, bright, healthy skin underneath. Make-up may be applied at this time.

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At our clinic the treatment is done under doctor supervision by a Registered Nurse.

Photos Courtesy of Dr. Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Photos Courtesy of Dr. DiBernardo, MD

Treatment Details

  • Most patients see significant results after one 25-minute treatment.
    Effectively treats fine lines, uneven texture and discolouration with some wound care and 4-5 days of downtime.
  • Excellent results used in combination therapies with fillers, BOTOX and other laser therapies.