Hair Rejuvenation

Exosome therapy for hair loss uses natural growth factors from the human body to help regenerate and regrow hair in both men and women. Exosome Therapy is particularly effective at restoring hair growth in the earlier stages of hair loss.

Exosome Therapy

Exosome Therapy is a cutting-edge form of stem-cell hair loss treatment. Stem cells are routinely used by doctors in many fields of medicine to naturally repair and heal the body. Exosome treatment for hair loss extremely safe and exceptionally effective.

How Does Exosome Therapy Work?

Exosomes are introduced through the application of a serum after microneedling.
Exosomes are microscopic particles that are naturally released by the body’s stem cells – and are involved in communication between the body’s different cells. Cells – including the cells in hair follicles – react to the messaging signals delivered by the exosomes. In the case of hair restoration, exomes “tell” the hair follicles to start producing hair shafts.

Exosomes are so tiny and agile that they also carry multiple doses of proteins across barriers that other cells are not able to cross.

Rather than use the entire stem cell in hair loss treatments, scientists isolate just the “messenger” exosomes -which can deliver beneficial hair restoration “signals” and “proteins” to the body.

Are Exosomes safe?

Exosomes are very safe when injected into the scalp for hair loss therapy. Exosomes are particles released by cells. They cannot replicate or reproduce, meaning they cannot transform into tumours or other malignant cells growths. They also cannot be infected with a virus or bacterial infection.

Exosomes also are very unlikely to trigger an “immunogenic response” – meaning that they do not provoke an immune response in the body like foreign cells or objects do.

There are no known contraindications for exosome injections.

Patients should stop taking NSAIDS (Aspirin, Aleve/Naproxen, Advil/Ibuprofen) for 72 hours prior to the injection and for 3 weeks afterwards – because they can potentially lessen the effects of the exosome hair loss treatments.


Microneedling protocol:

Package of 6 Treatments 

2 treatments 1 week apart, then 2 treatments 4 weeks apart, final 2 treatments to be spaced as needed.

No downtime or discomfort.

Post Microneedling

Courtesy of Dr. Inigo De Felipe