SkinBeautiful Photo Gallery

Before & After – Laser

Laser Vein Treatment
Facial cherry hemangioma after one treatment.
Legs veins six weeks after one treatment.
3 Treatments Over a 1 Year Period
Hair Removal
Chin hair removal four weeks after one treatment.
Brown Spots
IPL for pigmentation two weeks after second treatment.
Rosacea Treatment 1 Levulan, 3 IPL, Vein Therapy
Laser Genesis with IPL after six treatments.
Levulan with IPL after two treatments.
3 Months Treatment 1 Levulan, 3 IPL, Vein Therapy
Skin Rejuvenation
Laser Genesis and IPL after six treatments.
Acne Scarring Genesis and IPL 6 treatments
Photos Courtesy of Dr. Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Photos Courtesy of Dr. DiBernardo, MD

Before & After – Injectables

3 Weeks Post Treatment
After Soft Lift™ treatment (Juvederm and BOTOX), Environ skincare, Sculptra and medical facials.
Two Sculptra treatments over two months.
Three Sculptra treatments over four months.

Before & After – Collagen

Reduces Wrinkles
Treat Scars & Stretch Marks
Tighten & Tone

Before & After – Medical Skincare

Four months skincare.
Two months skincare.

Before & After – New Treatments

8 Weeks after 2 Treatments
8 Weeks after 2 Treatments