Electrolysis By Gina McNevin

“Operating out of SkinBeautiful”

woman receiving facial electrolysis treatment

Electrolysis is the practice of permanently removing hair from the human body. It is approved by the FDA to be categorized as, “Permanent hair removal.” Electrolysis is unique in that any hair of any colour, growing out from any skin colour, can be permanently removed. Electrolysis compliments laser hair reduction in that after a client has completed their laser hair reduction treatments and the majority of hair has been removed, Electrolysis can then finish off the remaining hairs that the laser could not treat. Electrolysis is especially known to be beneficial on the face of both women and men. We can target single hairs, while not stimulating new growth of other hairs. 

Gina is experienced in the treatment of permanent hair removal including:

  • Hair of any colour
  • Removal of hair on any skin colour
  • All facial hair
  • Treating most areas of the body