Brown Spots

Age spots, liver spots, freckles are all pigmented lesions and are usually caused by an abnormal concentration of melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its natural colouring. Most of these pigmented areas get darker with age and exposure to sun light.

The melanin in pigmented lesions is reduced when laser at the right wavelength and intensity passes through the skin. The absorption of light energy causes the melanin to reduce and shrink by the conversion of light energy into heat.

Intense Pulse light with Cutera Prowave 560® is a gentle yet powerful way to remove most of these spots, leaving your skin looking natural and healthy.

Examination at the initial consultation with the doctor will help establish the best therapy for your skin. Call us for an appointment!

At our clinic the treatment is done by a physician or under his supervision by a trained nurse.

IPL for pigmentation two weeks after second treatment.

Treatment Details

  • IPL treatments require no topical anesthetic or numbing gels. Patients may feel a mild, brief pinching sensation.
  • One or two treatments provide significant results, usually visible within one to three weeks after treatment.