Body Contouring – the fastest growing field in non intrusive aesthetic medical treatments.

Many times we have been asked by our patients about Body Contouring. It’s true, it is one of the fastest growing medical esthetic treatments on the market today. It’s a fascinating idea, isn’t it? Lay on a table for 30-40 mins and this machine will “melt” away all your cellulite….it’s painless…your tummy will be tight and flat as a pancake! In 6-20 treatments cellulite is smoothed away? Maintenance is required once your optimal result is achieved.. Of course “optimal” results happen when you are eating properly and exercising.

Here at SkinBeautiful our team constantly researches and studies new technology and ideas. It’s important to us to be able to offer the most effective, safe, and best possible technologies to provide our patients with the best possible results. We don’t “jump on any bandwagons” without first testing it ourselves. There is nothing we do, that we haven’t had done ourselves.

So, Body Contouring. We have tested several different Contouring machines in the past 5 years. When a representative calls us, we have them come in, several times. We have them perform these services on us and on our own volunteer patients so we have a clear picture of what the technology can do. To date, we have not yet found a Body Contouring machine that can produce consistent, long term, visible results. In fact, while attending the CAAM Annual Conference last fall (Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine), we had the opportunity to approach the top Surgeons and Physicians in the country to ask about their experience and thoughts. The general consensus was this: current body contouring technology is providing us some very exciting data, but does not in fact “remove or eliminate celulite in a permanent manner”. The existing fat cells are simply “temporarily relocated” in the body. Results tend to be minimal to moderate at best. If an individual stops treatment it’s very likely that their body will return to it’s previous state. The medical field is constantly progressing, and there are some further developed and even more exciting possibilities on the horizon.

We believe in exceeding our patients expectations. If we can’t do this, we will wait for what’s on the horizon!