Why Do I Have To See The Doctor?

    • Posted by: JOANNE GREENE on DECEMBER 1ST, 2012.

Ever wonder why you need to see a Doctor before you have injectable services SkinBeautiful?

It is Legally Required in Canada that all Cosmetic
Injections and/or other Procedures/Surgeries be overseen by a Medically Licensed Doctor. In other words, if there is no Doctor Consultation previous to the injections it is not deemed a safe practice in the eyes of Health Canada.You can have Diane, who is a Registered Nurse, do your services after you’ve seen the Doctor. A Nurse alone however, no matter what her training and level of expertise is, he/she is not legally qualified to give cosmetic injections. Whether it be a “home party” or in a hotel or even at a professional establishment, get the facts and be safe!

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