Laser vein treatment

Laser Vein Treatment

Tiny superficial face veins, deeper blue leg veins hemangiomas and port wine stain on men and women of all skin tones can effectively be treated with the Cutera® CoolGlide® system. Laser energy causes the veins to coagulate and shrink.Treatments do not require sedatives, pain medication,or injections. After each treatment, considerable improvement to reduce the red and purplish veins is usually seen immediately.

Treatment can be done every 6 weeks on the face, and every 3 months on the legs. Cherry hemangiomas (red dots on the body) usually only require one or two treatments.

At our clinic the treatment is done by a physician or under his supervision by a trained nurse.

Facial cherry hemangioma
after one treatment.

3 Treatments Over a
1 Year Period

Leg veins six weeks after
one treatment.

Treatment Details

  • Treatments are 15-30 minutes long, based on
    area being treated.
  • Affected area is chilled before and during
    session to desensitize.
  • Patients can resume normal activity
    immediately after treatment.