Hair Removal

Hair Removal

The most popular laser-based aesthetic procedure is hair removal and it can provide permanent reduction of unwanted hair in both men and women.

Large areas and numerous hair follicles can be treated with the Prowave770® making it a cost effective option when compared with other modalities. In women, the most common areas for treatment are the upper lip, chin, bikini line, arms and legs. In men, the most common areas for treatment are shoulders, the back, and beard area.

Cutera® CoolGlide® systems were the first Nd:YAG systems approved for use on all skin types and tanned skin, including the often difficult-to-treat finer hairs that are left by other therapies and laser systems. The Cutera® CoolGlide® has won numerous awards from the American Dermatological Society, and was voted best laser of the year in 2005.

At our clinic the doctor usually recommends about six treatments over a year for the best results.

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At our clinic the treatment is done by a physician or under his supervision by a trained nurse.

Chin hair removal four
weeks after one treatment.

Treatment Details

  • With ProWave treatments for larger areas (legs, backs) some patient experience a mild pinching sensation.
  • CoolGlide Laser cools and soothes as it glides along skin, taking just a few seconds to treat an area that would take over an hour with electrolysis.
  • Unlike electrolysis, there is no pain and you can immediately resume normal activity.