• Can I finance my treatments?
  • How can I maintain my skin health?
  • How do we decide what my skin needs?
  • What are the fees for the services?
  • Who will perform my therapies?

Special Tips

  • Arrive Early
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  • Check-in Policy
  • Gift Certificates


Can I finance my treatments?

We understand that these therapies can sometimes be expensive. Please ask us about Medicard to help finance the cost of the treatment. We are happy to assist you with the application process. As another helpful option, we can set up monthly payment plans that will suit your budget.

How can I maintain my skin health?

Lifestyle modification, exercise, optimal nutrition and supplementation may help to modify the aging process. Our therapies are another aspect of skin and body health. Regular follow-up treatments will help you keep looking your best.

How do we decide what my skin needs?

On arrival to our clinic, you will complete a detailed personal and medical questionnaire, which helps our professionals determine your objectives and special issues. Our Clinical Director, Diane Dosaj and our Medical Director, Arun Dosaj, each review your questionnaire with you and will complete an in-depth assessment of your skin.

What are the fees for the services?

Cosmetic therapies are not covered by OHIP. Consultations with the Doctor are FREE. The cost of the treatment will depend upon your skin condition and program recommended.  Your objectives and budget will be considered in the development of your therapy program.

Who will perform my therapies?

All the therapies at the clinic are conducted under medical supervision. They are completed by Dr. Arun Dosaj, our Physician, Diane Dosaj, Registered Nurse or Joanne Green, our Medical Esthetician.

Arrive Early

Arriving late robs you of precious treatment time! Remember, your treatment will end on time, so the next client is not delayed.


Please be aware we are reserving special time only for you. Bookings must be guaranteed with a credit-card number.

Check-in Policy

Checking in 10 minutes before your first appointment will give you time to fill in the necessary questionnaire. We want to ensure that we have all your critical personal and medical information. Please also arrive with no makeup, so that we may assess your skin.

Gift Certificates

Celebrate with the gift of beauty! A perfect gift for a Bride, Groom, Graduate, Mother, Father or your Best Friend or Spouse! You can choose the denomination and your gift certificate can be applied toward any SkinBeautiful service.